5 Reasons to try the #WIGLIFE

5 Reasons to try the #WIGLIFE

Let's be honest ladies, the older we get the less time we want to spend preening ourselves in the morning. Good results with minimum effort are what we're here for......and with wigs, you get just that. Below we've gone through five reasons why we love the #wiglife so much 💓

  1. No Commitment - Bob today, blonde tomorrow. How many times have you wanted to try a new length, colour or style but wasn't sure if you wanted to rock that look long term? With wigs, you can experiment without being tied down to a particular look or style.
  2. Provides your hair with full protection - Having a hair care routine in place and just letting your hair do it's thing, is the best thing you can do for your hair.  Wigs are the only protective style that allows you to fully protect your hair from root to tip. Keeping your hair clear of heat, tension or product build up.
  3. Allows you to transform - Your looks would never be predictable with a good wig collection at your disposal. You get to choose what vibe you want to go with every day. 
  4. Saves you time -  With a basic wig its a ’throw on and go’ kind of job. If you're a busy girl, go for a wig with bangs, they're the perfect time saver.
  5. It comes already styled - With a custom wig, you get a wig that’s styled to your specific taste. No more struggling to try and replicate that hairstyle you saw on Instagram. When it comes to style, we've got you covered.

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