The top 3 Low-Maintenance Wigs to Protect Your Hair

The top 3 Low-Maintenance Wigs to Protect Your Hair
Wigs are a fun and versatile way to experiment with different hair styles, textures and lengths (perfect for those of us with commitment issues! ), but they also act as a great protective barrier for your natural hair. Wearing a wig can cut down on washes, allowing your natural oils to moisturize your strands and promote natural growth. Wigs also help reduce the drying and damaging effects of hot tools like blow-dryers, curling irons, and straighteners.

Below we've listed our most popular low-maintenance wigs that allow you to switch up your style and look #flawless whilst protecting your natural tresses:

1. Bob Wig

A classic bob hairstyle is as sleek and sophisticated as they come. Our “Just Slayin’” bob wig is cut and styled to perfection with face-framing highlights that will never require a touch-up. This wig is machine-sewn for extra durability, so it’ll last you years to come.

2. Fringe Wig

Craving a hairstyle overhaul? You may be asking yourself: to fringe or not to fringe? Whilst the pandemic had the best of us reaching for the shears, we'd suggest considering a fringe wig before making any permanent life choices. Our “Damn, She The One” wig is a great low maintenance style that features 18” sleek virgin hair and a wispy fringe cut.

3. Middle-Part Wig

Every girl needs a LBW (Long Black Wig) and our “Paid & Pretty”
style is a great option for beginners. This wig is super low maintenance and features a waist-grazing sleek style with a sexy middle part.

Which protective low-maintenance style will you be experimenting with? Let us know in the comments below!

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