Our four favourite lazy morning hair hacks!

Our four favourite lazy morning hair hacks!

Do you ever just want to get up in the morning and just go? Actually, hands up if you're really a morning person. Let's be real, sometimes the whole getting ready process in the morning just feels like a blur. Between makeup and deciding what to wear, hair becomes a little bit of a fuss right?

Nevertheless, to save you some time, we've got your back with some of the easiest hair hacks that will hopefully change your morning routine for the better.


Dry shampoo works 

Now, we're not saying stop washing your wigs. That's not it. We're saying, every now and again you need to tame some grease and give your hair some temporary love. Dry shampoo does the job. Spray some in and give your hair a shake and boom... your morning just got easier.


Try the messy bun and headband combo

Now some of us probably know the messy bun very well. Throw on a cute headband to cover any lace or gel disasters and before you know it you've gone from bed head to super trendy and stylish.


Tie a headwrap

It's a practical yet trendy way to cover the bed head. A great alternative to a beanie and you can get creative with styles and prints. Are you about that wig and wrap life?


Glueless Wigs

Glueless wigs are great because they can be secured to your head without any adhesive. They typically feature adjustable straps to ensure the wig is secured and snatched. Glueless wigs are your best friend for those lazy mornings! 

We hope that these lazy morning hacks will get you through tough mornings! Which hair hack have you tried?

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