How to extend your wigs shelf life

How to extend your wigs shelf life

The best thing about 100% human hair wigs is, it doesn’t only look great, but it can also last you for years. Good quality wigs like ours are an investment, so the best way to get your money's worth is by taking care of it. With good practice, your wigs will last for a minimum of 1.5 years.

Avoid heat as much as possible

An important thing to bear in mind when buying hair bundles for your wigs is to consider buying a hair texture that you're going to be comfortable rocking all the time. So, if you want curly hair, you can pick between loose, deep wavy and kinky curls. If you want a straight hairstyle, then you buy straight bundles. Using heat to manipulate different textures will shorten the life of your hair bundles and ultimately the shelf life of your wigs. Like with your natural hair, too much heat will essentially fry your hair. It can leave your wigs dry and crunchy. Check out our tutorial on how to curl your hair without heat below:

Keep your wigs moisturised 

As your beautiful wig is not physically attached to the scalp, it doesn't receive the same good stuff as your natural hair. With weather changes and general wear and tear, it is important to keep your hair moisturised. For wigs that are regularly used, we recommend our Wig Care Subscription or our Wig Care Kit.


Protect your hair and ensure it lasts long by storing it properly. Look into purchasing either a wig stand, a wig hanger, a satin bag, or a dust-proof bag to keep the hair soft and prevent tangling. If you have an install protect the hair at night by investing in a bonnet or a headscarf to avoid the hair getting tangled or even worse, matted. Here are our favourite options:

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