How to care for your hair under your wig

How to care for your hair under your wig

One of the perks of wearing a wig as a protective style is how accessible your hair is. Being able to maintain your hair care routine is key to healthy hair. Even if your hair is braided down under your wig, it still needs to be moisturised, sealed and protected. The frequency you need to moisturise and seal will depend on the porosity of your hair.


1. Moisturise. Using your regular moisturiser, apply to your hair from root to tip. If your hair is braided, take your time to coat each braid. Be sure to moisturise your scalp too.


2. Seal. Using your favourite hair sealant (our go-to is Jojoba Oil or raw Shea butter) coat your hair to seal in the moisture you’ve added in step one.  


3. Protect. If your edges are sensitive to wig bands/combs. Use a wig grip band or cap instead. They provide you with wig security whilst offering your hair full protection.

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