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Earn money from selling your lightly worn wigs.
Free up space in your wig collection.

We make it easy
With our 'wig bar listing' we style, photograph and list your wig for you.

Reduce.  Repurpose . Resell
Reselling your wig keeps it in use which creates a circular economy & helps reduce hair waste.

How it Works?


Choose from our 2 listing options 'Custom Listing' or 'Wig Bar Listing' and fill out the relevant form.


Wait 72 hrs to receive a confirmation email which will let you know if your listing has been approved or not. 


After receiving your approval email, you can ship your wig to our shipping address, which will be provided within the email.


When your wig has been received by us, we'll list it on our website.


When your wig is sold, you'll receive a payout via PayPal.


Custom Listing

We have 2 types of listing when it comes to selling your lightly worn wig. The first is a 'Custom Listing'. This gives you full control of your listing which means you have the option to take photos, write your wig sale description and list your wig yourself. Once approved by us, your wig will be featured on our website for buyers to purchase.

Wig Bar Listing

With our 'wig bar listing', we do everything for you. All you need to do is send us the wig you'd like to sell and we'll restyle it, photograph it and add a resell product description. We'll then list your wig on our website and socials for buyers to purchase.

Custom Listing

Your listing will be featured on our website.

Secure & trusted transaction.

You'll be paid via PayPal within 4 days of a sale being made.

Free shipping from us to the buyer.

We charge 25% Commission, only when your wig has been sold.

Wig Bar Listing

Your listing will be featured on our website + socials.

'Wig Bar Approved' seal added to your listing

Secure & trusted transaction

You'll be paid via PayPal within 3 days of a sale being made.

Free shipping from us to the buyer.

We charge 35% Commission* only when your wig has been sold.

*An extra 5% commision is added if you'd like us to wash your wig prior to a sale.

asked questions

How many wigs can i List?

 You can list as many lightly worn wigs as you want. A seperate listing would need to be created for each wig.

Do you wash the wigs before they're sold?

Wigs are expected to be washed & cleaned before sending them to us to sell. There is an option to have us clean your wigs prior to sale. We charge an additional 5% commission to include this service.

Do you accept international wig listings?

Yes, we accept wig listings from outside of the UK.

How will i be paid once my wig is sold?

Payments (minus commission) will be paid securely via your  PayPal email.
How do i set a price for my wig?
Depending on how old your wig is and how much its been worn we'd recommend deducting 20-25% off your purchase price as a starting price.