27th November

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Hey Beauties!

I'm Yomi, founder of The Wig Bar London. I'm a true hair enthusiast and product junkie. I've been obsessed with all thing’s hair for as long as I can remember. From 8 years old I was the resident hairstylist in my family (shout out to my mum, cousins and school friends who let me use them to recreate looks from hair magazines, your bravery hasn't been forgotten! ). Saying this however I chose to venture into the world of advertising as a career field.


So how did I go from working for an ad agency to making wigs?!

In all honesty, by complete accident. I first discovered wigs in my mid-twenties, after searching for a solution that would protect my hair whilst allowing me to experiment with different looks. As there wasn't an abundance of high-quality affordable wigs on the market at that time, I decided to try and make one myself. With the help of YouTube (and a little patience!), I managed to create my first ever wig. Not long after my friends and family wanted one and the demand quickly spiralled into a business and I started taking orders from customers I’d never met.

Fast forward to 2019 and I decided to launch The Wig Bar London. I wanted to create an on-demand service that fully supports wig wearers post-purchase. A brand that offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions to dull, lifeless wigs and hair extensions, giving customers that 'new wig feeling' without the new wig price tag. 


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