yomi onashile

Hey Beauties! 💕

I'm Yomi, founder of The Wig Bar London. I'm a true hair enthusiast and product junkie. I've been obsessed with all thing’s hair for as long as I can remember.

I first got into wigs in my mid-twenties after searching for a solution that would protect my hair whilst still allowing me to switch up my style often and experiment with different looks.

Even though I loved the wig life, there wasn’t much information available in regards to wigs and wig care. This meant I started my wig journey with a lot of trial and error which lead to wasted time, money and effort. It became a costly habit.

Those trial and errors, however, allowed me to learn a great deal when it came to wigs and wig care. It provided me with a great foundation and contributed heavily to my wig knowledge and experience. 

Fast forward to 2019 and I decided to launch The Wig Bar London. I wanted to create a brand that offered the post-purchase help and support that I didn't have at the start of my wig journey. I wanted to make use of all the wig knowledge and experience I’ve acquired over the years so fellow wig wearers wouldn't make the same mistakes I did. I wanted to create a brand that would provide sustainable solutions to the expensive habit of purchasing new every time an old wig has an issue.

Our main goal is to protect the hair investments of every wig & hair extension wearer so they feel empowered in the knowledge that they can get the very best out of their wigs & hair extensions long term, regardless of where they purchased their hair from. We believe beauty is for all, so cultivating sustainable habits whilst helping our customers feel confident and beautiful is a win-win for us.