One of the perks of wearing a wig as a protective style is how accessible your hair is. Being able...

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  What you'll need: Mixing Bowl Bleach Powder Developer Butter Knife Hair Colour Brush Toners Ultraviolet & Rocabilly Blue 1....

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Let's be honest ladies, the older we get the less time we want to spend preening ourselves in the morning....

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So how do you choose the right wig for you? With so many options available, choosing the right wig can seem...

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The hair extensions industry, just like any other is constantly changing. If you’re not privy to hair extensions in general it's easy to get lost in the fast pace of it all. A prime example of how fast the industry moves can be seen in the constantly shifting trends, one of the main ones being, ‘country of origin’.

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When looking for a wig, the main questions you should consider is ‘what type of wig do I want?’ and ‘what’s going to work for me and the look I’m trying to achieve?’

There are 6 main types of wigs (there may be more out there but these are the most popular).

  1. Half head wig or the ‘instant weave’ These are made to be worn behind your hairline to add length and fullness. There’s usually a large comb on the inside at the very top for extra grip and the rest of the unit is wefted.

For Beginners, Hair Hacks, Wig Tips